Join Us for ReFrame

A 10-week journey exploring how the Bible's gospel message can reframe's all of your Christian life.

Sunday Mornings - 8:45am to 9:45am
Sep 30th to Dec 2nd, 2018
Christ Church Sanctuary

Join us either before or after your Sunday morning worship for a coffee and an engaging video-based group discussion where we'll go on a journey through the “big story” of Scripture, examining how this story has shaped historical Christian communities and their cultures, and what it's implications are for Christians living in the world today.

Episode Summaries

Sept 30th, 8:45am

This first session explores how a fragmented and complex world can tempt Christians to either withdraw from or assimilate to the culture around them. However, the true story of Jesus enables Christians to resist these temptations and live integrated and faithful lives.

Episode 1 Preview

Oct 7th, 8:45am

As Christians, the story of Scripture and the person of Jesus shape the whole of who we are. Still, we often experience tensions within our culture that provide alternate answers to this question. We are told we must choose who we want to be rather than receive our identity as a gift given by God. This session discusses some of the ways our culture shapes us and why this so often leads to a crisis of identity.

Session 3 - CREATION & FALL
Oct 21st, 8:45am

This session starts at the beginning with the account of the creation and fall. Genesis tells us why God created the world and humanity and his purposes for both. God’s creation was good, but this goodness was catastrophically marred through the fall. Nevertheless, as image-bearers of God, we are called to cultivate this original goodness in our relationships with God, others, and creation.

Oct 28th, 8:45am

This session focuses on God’s faithfulness to the people of Israel and how Israel’s story is part of our family history as Christians. The story of Israel helps us see how our faith makes a difference in a complex and messy world. We learn that God calls ordinary people to trust him and blesses them so they might be a blessing to others. God is with us in our failures and our faithfulness, and he continues to work through us to redeem this broken world.

Session 5 - JESUS THE KING
Nov 4th, 8:45am

This session focuses on Jesus Christ as the climax of the story and the fulfillment of all the Old Testament scriptures. He is the true image of God, the true Israelite, who redeems humanity through his person, work, and words. Jesus is both Saviour and Lord, and his redemptive work affects everything. This gives meaning to all of life and culture, including our ordinary activities. The gospel is therefore more than personal salvation; it is the invitation to participate in a renewed life for a renewed world.

Nov 11th, 8:45am

This session looks at how God promises to transform all of creation in the new heavens and new earth through the resurrection of Christ. As citizens of this promise, Christians are called to live as a sign, a holy foretaste of this final act of redemption.

Nov 18th, 8:45am

How do we enter into the story? In this final session about the Scriptural story we see how God gives the Holy Spirit to empower the church at Pentecost. It is not enough to simply know the story; we must also live the story. The Holy Spirit empowers us to participate in the story and God’s work of redemption in the world.

Nov 25th, 8:45am

How do we live out this story? How do we engage the world around us? In this session, we explore how God calls all Christians to live as ambassadors. Rather than simply assimilating or withdrawing from culture we participate in God’s mission to witness to and redeem culture.

Dec 2nd, 8:45am

We are all called to be ambassadors, but how do we actually live as ambassadors? What does this look like? In this session, through the example of Daniel, we see that doing the diplomatic work of Christ involves being formed by the local church, knowing God’s mission, learning the cultural language, and engaging in diplomacy.

Dec 9th, 8:45am

A reframed understanding of the gospel gives us confidence and joy in the midst of daily life. The good news of Christ in Scripture frees us to live an abundant life of work and rest. This session helps us to see all of our lives as part of this abundant life.