A Sacred Start to Your New Life Together

Congratulations on your engagement. Weddings are special and joyful times for couples, for their families and friends, and for the parish community. We are delighted you are interested in making Christ Church a part of your wedding celebration! 


A Church Wedding

The Anglican Church welcomes couples to celebrate and solemnize their weddings in the context of our tradition as Christians. Indeed, so important is marriage in the Christian life that it is called a sacrament.

Great care is taken to see that the celebration of this most special event is reverent, graceful, beautiful, and memorable. Our celebration of the sacrament of marriage is always rooted in Scripture so that we can be nourished and strengthened by God's Word. 

By choosing to be married in a church you will be including both traditional as well as a spiritual dimension to your marriage. The wedding ceremony includes God and looks to him for help and guidance.

The clergy presiding at the wedding has a very special role to play. They can blend both ancient tradition as well as modern experience to reflect your personal story. Your wedding will be made personal, memorable, and sacred.


Planning for Your Wedding at Christ Church

In considering Christ Church as the venue for this special day, it is hoped that you will spend time with our vibrant and active parish in advance of your wedding day. This will enable you to get to know our clergy on a different level and also come to be a part of the parish community.

While anticipating your wedding day is an exciting time, the planning process can be a busy time. There are many details to look after, and along the way you may have many questions.

Next Steps

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. 

Let us help you to experience the wedding you’ve always envisioned. In planning the occasion, we will work with you on the choice of scripture readings, hymns and other details for this memorable day. 

We look forward to speaking to you about your upcoming wedding and answering all your questions.

When your ready, please contact the parish office to arrange for a time to meet with our administrator and clergy.