Faithworks Sunday

On Sunday, October 28 we celebrated FaithWorks Sunday with a focus on Loft Community Services.

Anne Simons and Jim Rehill, on behalf of Shirley Rehill, spoke about what Loft Community Services does for those in our community, who they help and what their current needs are. We thank Anne, Jim and Shirley for sharing with us how important Loft is in Stouffville and other locations in the GTA.

After the service, a hot dog lunch was served with freewill offerings going to our Deacon Al Fund (which funds local outreach needs, such as gas cards and grocery store gift cards for those in need). A portion of the funds raised also went to purchasing a blender, lamp and alarm clock for the Loft house here in Stouffville. They were received with an abundance of gratitude.

Christ Church Stouffville is one of the largest contributors to FaithWorks in the Diocese of Toronto and we thank you all for your continued support. The work FaithWorks does cannot be accomplished without generous donations by people like you!