Read and Recommended

The Quilted Heart by Mona Hodgson


Here we have 3 Novellas in one book, each one focuses on a woman in Missouri, in 1865, right after the Confederate War.  Each of these three women, have different hardships, and trials as they try to navigate through a difficult time in history. 

In the first novella, Maren, has travelled from Denmark, to marry a man, who did not want her once he saw her, and now she is losing her sight. 

In the second tale, a young Emile, lives with her widowed father who has grand ideas who she should see and who she should marry. 

The third story is about a young wife Caroline, who finds out that he young husband has been killed in the  war, so as a widow what should she now do, and when the idea of joining a wagon train to California comes up, she is thwarted by a gentleman she does not like or does she.  

Review: A good read, suitable for the women of our congregation.  This book can be found in the fiction part of the church Library. Check it out today!

Reviewed by: Susan Walmsley