7 Simple Outreach Ideas

Looking for easy ways to help someone through the love of Jesus Christ? Here are 7 simple outreach ideas to get you started.

  1. Bake something. Make some brownies, or bake a casserole and deliver it to someone who you know will appreciate it. Maybe it’s a senior who is homebound, maybe it’s a single mom who needs a break, maybe it’s the new neighbours who just moved in. When food is made with love it tastes a whole lot better.

  2. Send a card. Know someone who’s going through a tough time? Send them a card to show them you’re thinking about them. Know someone who’s accomplished a goal? Send them a card to say congratulations. New baby? Send a card. New job? Send a card. It’s a quick and easy way to lift someone’s spirits, spread a smile or just show someone you care.

  3. Make a phone call. In the time of texts and emails, a phone call might seem a bit old fashioned, but it offers a closer connection than a Facebook post or a one-line text. A phone call lets the person on the other end know how much you really do care about what’s going on in their lives. And you just might be the only person he or she has spoken to that day. Go ahead, make the call.

  4. Drive someone to church. Know someone who’s got a whole lot of month left but not much money or a senior who doesn’t drive anymore? Offer them a ride to and from services. Engage in a conversation along the drive. You just might help them out more than saving a few dollars on a tank of gas or a bus ticket.

  5. Talk to someone at coffee hour. When you know a lot of people in your church, coffee hour seems like a natural place to strike up a conversation. But when you’re new or an introvert, it’s not that easy. Look around the room. See that person standing over there by themselves? Go up and say hi - they’ll feel a whole lot better and you just might have something in common. Make sure you introduce them to other people as well.

  6. Donate to the local food bank. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the big times when most people donate to the food bank, but hunger doesn’t take a holiday. There are people right here in our community who rely on the food bank to get them through the week and your donation is welcome. Go ahead a throw a couple extra items into your grocery cart next time you’re at the store then donate it to the food bank. No one deserves to go hungry.

  7. Pray. Don’t discount the power of prayer. If you know of someone who is in need or sick, pray for them. God is always listening.